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If you are the owner of a property in Brighton or Hove and thinking about renting it out, look no further than Your Brighton Holiday!

Here at Your Brighton Holiday, we offer friendly, impartial advice for those of you that are considering the holiday letting market as an option. Our ethos is to ensure that you have all the knowledge needed to make the decision. We understand that not every property is suitable for this sort of set up. Some properties are more suitable for fixed term rental and make more money that way, and others can make a great deal more as a holiday let. We have extensive knowledge of the market and we will ensure that we take the time to get to know you, your situation and what you are hoping to achieve in this venture, as well as informing you about what to except from becoming a holiday let landlord, and what Your Brighton Holiday can do for you. So please give us a call to arrange an informal chat, and let’s see how we can help you.

The Advantages of Holiday Letting Your Property


You have the flexibility to use the property yourself and not be tied into lengthy contracts.

Tax Advantages

As a landlord, there is a vast amount of potential to make a lot of money via this set up. There are tax advantages that you can benefit from also, we are happy to be on hand to discuss this with you.

Avoid Problematic Tenants

You won’t get stuck with problematic tenants. Occasionally, with long term contracts, you might not build the relationship you would like with your tenants. This set up prevents that scenario.

High Demand

Brighton is incredibly popular, so the demand for accommodation is very high. It’s all year round.

Constant Monitoring

The property is constantly being monitored. Maintenance and repairs are continual, so your property is always well looked after. With long term letting you may need to refurbish between tenants, as the care and attention paid during the let may not be up to your standards.

Personal Experience

It’s more personal. You can gain a vast amount of satisfaction from the experience. As an owner, it’s actually very touching when guests leave you a glowing review, stating how much they love your property and what a fantastic time they had in Brighton. It can be very interactive and above all else, enjoyable.

What we can do for you

Ultimately, going solo and managing your property yourself requires a lot of hard work, it can be done, but it can turn into a full time job! Receiving enquires, taking bookings, organising check-ins and check outs, the unsociable hours that are sometimes required, and not to mention, (what can feel like continuous!) cleaning, and linen changes, it can be a lot to take on. So why not, relax and let us do it all for you!

Free Professional Photography

The pictures are incredibly important, they need be truthful, but stand out from the crowd. We can do that all for you.

Extensive Client & Guest Liaison

Communication is the key, we will always be on hand for our owners and our guests. 24/7 support.

No need to get your hands dirty!

We have an excellent team of cleaners that will make sure your property is kept in pristine condition, and guests happy. We will deal with the linen and towel changes for you.


Not only do we have our own website, we will list your property on top listings websites including Airbnb and Trip advisor, to make sure your property is reaching the masses.

Calendar Management

We sync the calendars over our website and the listing websites, so we always know the status and availability of your property, as do potential customers. You will never need worry about getting your head around complex scheduling.


Our aim is to keep you fully booked, as much as possible. Our booking rate is exceptional. We handle all aspects of the payment process. Taking the deposit, final payment and the pre-authorisation.

Customer Liaisons

Our aim is to build a relationship with our guests. We aim to provide exceptional customer satisfaction, to promote repeat custom. We are on hand to give advice on all aspects of their trip. We email each guest a Welcome Pack upon booking, which contains all the information needed for their stay. We make contact prior to their arrival to arrange a check in time, and help them with their travel plans if need be.


We provide a full meet and greet service for all our guests. This allows us to make them feel welcome and enables us to show them around your property and go through the house rules.


Once the guests have checked out, our meticulous team of cleaners will give your property a thorough clean and prepare for the next guests. This includes the changing of all linen and towels. For individual services please give us a call to see how we can help you.

Protecting your investment

It is imperative to us that your property is protected. We have a number of policies in place to ensure that your mind is kept at rest.

  • Each of our owners have holiday let insurance, electrical testing and we are also in contact with the local Fire & Rescue service to make sure all regulations are met.
  • We take a security and breakages deposit on every booking and have very strict house rules that every guest is made aware of. This includes a “no-noise policy” from the hours of 22:00-07:00. So rest assured, your neighbours are well respected.

We work very closely with our landlords, to ensure that we provide stylish comfortable living for our guests. We are always on hand to offer help and advice with your properties décor and furnishings to keep you a market leader and make the most of your spending. We pride ourselves on the quality of our properties and strive to increase our portfolio with more exceptional houses and apartments.

Interested in letting your property?

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